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"Region Project" Inc. specializes in production of medical equipment, design, construction and complex equipping of healthcare facilities.
Responding to modern targets of import substitution the Company deployed production lines to manufacture medical equipment in mid-end and high-end price segments. We work under licenses provided by the best world developers.
We seek to provide Russian clinics with high-quality equipment at an affordable price. All offered products meet the highest requirements and have all necessary certificates of conformity and registration certificates. The equipment manufactured by us is meant mainly for the complex installation in the Surgery, Resuscitation and Intensive Therapy departments.
We carry out an individual approach to the customers, taking into account the customer's needs, with the optimal combination of price and performance characteristics and the consistently high quality of the work.

Our mission is to provide doctors and patients with high-tech innovative medical equipment of our own production, manufactured at the level of the best world standards.

- Achieve leading positions in industrial segment “Precise production and instrumentation for medicine” 
- Active entering Russian and international market.

Customers and clients’ needs.
We perform stable high quality of the products and control quality at all stages of the production. We assure quick response to the clients, customers and market needs.

Development and Innovation
Implementation of modern equipment and innovative approach in business, constant development of activities. Establishment of the first enterprise in the Russian Federation to manufacture domestic medical equipment for complex equipment of Surgery, Resuscitation and Intensive Care departments.

Our success is based on a strong team of professionals and like-minded team members. We constantly improve our professional skills and support creative potential of our personnel. 

Me are focused to be the best in our field, constantly improving our professional skills. If you want ot become a member of our team send your CV to e-mail: job@rpmed.ru


Maintenance Service

Our company offers starting-up services and maintenance of medical equipment.

Healthcare facilities engineering

Region Project is experienced in engineering of modern healthcare centers as extensive remodelling and reconstruction of active medical centers. We are a member of Baltic Engineers Union since 2009. State Registration Number СРО-П-042-05112009.

Multimodal registration system

Multimodal registration system contains solutions for recording of digital data acquired from medical equipment and video-audio recording equipment with subsequent processing using algorithm.

МРС system

Region Project develops new types of medical equipment for home healthcare conducting full cycle development starting from R&D on down to approbation and registration of new device.

МРС system

Modular-type plant for fast kick-start production

If you start production or upgrade active manufacturing base primarily you have to think about technological stage organization and costs related to construction of operating area.

We offer ready-made solution for promtly living out your dreams.

Modular-type plant

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